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Can't decide where to go out to eat tonight? Dinner Tonight Atlanta is a daily micro podcast that helps you decide which Atlanta restaurant to visit every single day. I'm your host, Susan Cooper and in a about a minute, I'll tell you where you should go out to eat tonight. Each week I'll feature a different metro Atlanta neighborhood with a different restaurant each night. With so many great restaurants, who can decide? I’ll help you make a decision on Dinner Tonight Atlanta.

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Challenge: Have an Atlanta adventure and go where I send you today. Click to tweet:

Dear Atlanta: Challenge Accepted transcript

Mar 30, 2020

Dinner Tonight Atlanta

March 30, 2020


Susan Cooper:

Hello, and welcome to Dinner Tonight Atlanta. I'm your host, Susan Cooper. And I haven't been with you in a few days. It's supposed to be a daily podcast. But I put the podcast on hold during this COVID-19 pandemic, because I couldn't keep up with which...

West Midtown, Saturday - RedBird

Feb 29, 2020

This episode is brought to you by Leap Year. Happy Birthday Leap Day kids! 

Welcome to Dinner Tonight Atlanta! There are so many great restaurants, how do you ever decide? With my help you can be the hero of your group and make a decision. We'll pick a different neighborhood each week and a different Atlanta restaurant...

Dinner Tonight Atlanta featured in the AJC

Jan 21, 2020

Hungry for something new, but tired of trying to decide what to have for dinner? A new Atlanta “micro” podcast will take the guess work out of that decision for you. In about a minute, “Dinner Tonight Atlanta,” tells listeners each day where to eat out in the city.

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Week 1 Rundown: Downtown Atlanta Restaurants

Jan 14, 2020

Week 1 Rundown:

I sent you to 7️⃣ Downtown Atlanta Restaurants 🌆🎡

1️⃣ Amalfi Pizza🍕

2️⃣ Alma Cocina🌮

3️⃣ Poor Calvin’s 🥙

4️⃣ Punch Bowl Social🍻

5️⃣ Trader Vic’s🍹

6️⃣ Sundial Restaurant🍸

7️⃣ Ray’s in the City

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Launch Date

Dec 13, 2019

We are officially live on @ApplePodcasts! Susan has been hard at work curating all the most interesting and delicious restaurants of Atlanta and Mickey has been doing his audio magic. We'll start deciding where you'll go out to dinner starting on January...